What You Need To Know About Emergency HVAC

Emergency HVAC

No matter the season, an emergency HVAC situation is inconvenient. If you need heating when it’s cold or cooling when it’s hot, your HVAC system has to provide what you need. Otherwise, you are stuck in an uncomfortable position with little recourse.

Hence the team at Vero Mechanical would like you to know exactly what constitutes an HVAC emergency and how to handle one.

What Is An HVAC Emergency?

Generally speaking, a breakdown of your HVAC system’s ability to regulate the temperature of an internal space does not always indicate an emergency. When a fault in a building’s HVAC system occurs, it will probably serve as an inconvenience until the situation can be resolved. However, it becomes an emergency due to the nature of the fault and those the fault can seriously impact.

An HVAC emergency occurs when the fault in the system creates the potential for further damage outside the unit. Indicators of this kind of emergency are loud noises and burning smells. Possible causes of these indicators include loose belts and electrical issues. Shutting down the unit until a professional can examine it is the best course of action.

Emergency HVAC repair

If the fault creates an environmental hazard, then this situation constitutes an HVAC emergency. If the situation is caused by an electrical fault that can further conduct a current through the office, that is a significant risk. Also, if smoke is emanating from the HVAC system, it creates a serious respiratory hazard that can also become a fire emergency.

An HVAC emergency also occurs when the shutdown creates a health hazard for the building’s residents. This is especially critical for the elderly and the chronically ill. Extreme temperatures, both high and low, can have serious health consequences for those groups of people. Hence, faults that are inconvenient for some can create emergencies for others

Handling an Emergency HVAC Situation

In the case of an HVAC emergency, every second is crucial in averting a more serious problem. Hence there are a few things you can do before you call or as you wait for the HVAC technician.

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A simple examination of the HVAC system can reveal an easily solved problem that does not require a professional’s service. If the switch has been accidentally flipped to the wrong position or if an easily accessible connection is loose, you can easily solve those problems. 

In the case of a potential environmental hazard or risk of further damage outside of the system, shutting the system down until an HVAC technician can examine and solve the problem is the best choice. However, if there is a risk of electrocution or burning as a result of the fault, an evacuation would be a safer option.

If there is a person on the premises who is at risk due to the HVAC system’s fault, taking action to ensure their safety should be your priority. After you are assured of that, you can contact a technician to examine the system.

Vero Mechanical Heating and Cooling – Trusted HVAC Experts

An emergency in your HVAC system can create troublesome situations if not handled properly. Knowing how to identify and react to those emergencies can save you a lot of trouble and even prove to be life-saving.

Please contact us if you need any HVAC services. Vero Mechanical offers the best and longest-lasting HVAC services at affordable prices. Our dedicated team of professionals is available 24/7, making us perfect for your HVAC emergencies in Calgary and the surrounding areas. Choose us for our convenient and timely service.

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