Top Signs That Your Furnace Needs Repairs

When it comes to maintaining a comfortable indoor environment, keeping your heating and air conditioning system in top working condition is crucial. During winters, a properly functioning furnace is essential to keep your home warm and cozy. But often homeowners encounter furnace breakdowns in the middle of freezing January. And when this happens, they need emergency repair services. However, to avoid this nuisance, it is possible to identify the early warning signs that indicate it’s time to repair your furnace before it suddenly breakdown. A furnace needs regular maintenance and failing to keep it in good shape can leave you without heat during chilling winters. A furnace is a significant part of your home’s HVAC system but typically it stays off for half the year. And because of this, homeowners often forget to maintain it until winter arrives. But the good news is that by keeping an eye on some warning signs, you can avoid being stuck without heat in the middle of snowfall or freezing winter night.

A furnace isn’t something that you can repair on your own. When you notice anything unusual or reduced performance, it means you need to find a professional furnace repair technician. Only experienced heating and cooling system repair professionals can safely repair your furnace. But if you’re unsure whether you need to hire a furnace repair technician or not, here are some signs that indicate your furnace needs immediate repair service.

Unusual Sound

If you suddenly start hearing loud and unfamiliar noises, it indicates a potential issue. Homeowners often ignore these sounds but any noise can be a sign of impending breakdown.  A buzzing or banging sound from the cabinet of your furnace may not immediately reduce the performance of your furnace. And because this noise doesn’t reduce the hot air flow coming through your vents, people ignore this sign. However, this small issue can turn into a serious problem if not resolved on time. A buzzing noise typically means faulty electrical connections that could lead to a potential fire hazard. Other types of noise such as a screeching sound often mean a worn-out fan belt while a banging sound could be a sign of an issue with your burners.

High Utility Bills

A faulty or malfunctioning furnace is responsible for increasing your monthly utility bills. So, if your energy bill has increased from more than usual, it’s time to get your furnace checked. Compare your heating bills from the previous winter season. Unless you have increased furnace usage, the utility bills should be similar. But if the heating bills have spiked and there is no change in usage, then your furnace is not working efficiently.


A common issue faced by homeowners is on and off cycling. If your furnace starts, stop and then starts up again, there’s certainly a problem. The thermostat of a faulty furnace fails to reach the desired temperature. This problem could be due to worn-out components or a dirty heat sensor. Short-cycling could also be a result of some serious issue and need immediate furnace repair service. In addition to this, bad smell and uneven heating throughout the home is also a sign of a potential issue.

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