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Heating Repairs

Heating systems frequently malfunction at the worst conceivable times, we are aware that we must act as swiftly as we can, day or night, seven days a week. After identifying the issue, our technicians will patiently go over all of your alternatives with you, including the associated costs and give advice on how to keep a repeat from happening. We guarantee our work and have no hidden fees.


Heating System Maintenance Plan

We can perform routine maintenance on your heater to keep it functioning efficiently and operating as effectively as possible while also containing utility expenses. Regular maintenance prevents serious issues.  Instead of waiting until a belt or blower wheel breaks, replace them now. With proper care, your heating  system will last longer.

We thoroughly clean the system, lubricate the components, and check that everything is functioning at its best, preventing tiny issues from growing into significant issues. We also clean the ducts, which over time gather dirt and debris that reduce airflow and decrease energy efficiency.


Repairing or replacing you heating system

At Vero Mechanical heating and Cooling Calgary, we give you all the information you require about your furnace and heating systems and associated cost, but ultimately it is up to you to decide whether to repair or replace an outdated system. This entails a thorough evaluation of the space that has to be heated as well as the choice of the ideal heater size. Large heaters can use more power and produce poor air quality, so size isn’t necessarily better. Ducts will be inspected for leaks or damage if any.

Repairs are often economical. Sometimes the heater only needs a few small parts or a little tweaking, which we are happy to accomplish. For instance, people who depend on furnaces should be informed that, depending on usage and maintenance, many furnaces survive between 16 and 20 years.

Rising utility costs, more frequent repairs, some rooms being warm while others are frigid, and weird noises are all signs that a furnace may soon fail. Your indoor air quality might also be harmed by old heaters since they stop moisturising and cleansing the air. This could be the reason for your allergies if the air inside feels stale. Boilers, which typically last eight to twenty years depending on brand, usage, and maintenance, experience the same kinds of problems.

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Signs your Furnace Needs Repair:

After completing a lifespan of almost 10 to 15 years, it becomes hard for the system to distribute heat throughout the home. The huge spikes can be observed in energy bills each month.

Heat loss can also cause the system to work harder, resulting in high electricity bills. Along with that, if there is any leak in the ductwork or furnace, the furnace will have to work overtime to keep the thermostat at the desired temperature, which can also fluctuate the electricity bills

A sudden change in the temperature between varying rooms in the home also indicates that it’s time to consult a licensed contractor to talk about furnace repair.

It is obvious for a furnace to make some noise, but if the noise is so loud that you can hear it from the other room, that means your furnace needs an inspection.

If you can smell the odor of rotten eggs from the furnace, that means you have a gas leak that needs to be fixed immediately. In the case of gas leakage, the first thing you can do is shut down the gas supply and contact the furnace repair company immediately.

The efficient furnace always produces clean blue flame to add heat to the home. If the flame is burning yellow, it is a sign that the furnace is producing carbon monoxide, which is extremely dangerous. If you notice a yellow flame in the furnace, call the company right away to fix the problem.

If one or our furnace repairs fails during the first heating season, we will repair again absolutely for FREE.

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