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The Installation of a furnace is not easy, and it is something that requires experience and knowledge to be done properly. Many problems can arise while doing furnaces installation such as combustion problems, improper sizing, reliability problems and warranty issues. Vero Mechanical team is fully up-to-date and applies the latest method and models in furnace installations. Our highly trained certified team provides you fast and timely installation, affordable prices, and customer support.

Considering a new furnace installation in Calgary?

A replacement furnace should be considered if the furnace is more than 15 years old or needs more frequent repairs. Older furnace systems need to work harder every day to keep your house safe and comfortable, which causes them to wear down. After a certain point, replacing your furnace is more cost-effective than keeping it fixed. Contact us to learn more about our heating services if you repair your furnace once or more every year.

At Vero Mechanical Heating and Cooling, our certified installers can evaluate your needs and suggest the best furnace. We come to your property to thoroughly assess your requirements and expectations both before and during the process and make sure you are aware of your options. We want you to be certain that you are making the best furnace installation decision for your needs.
When installing your new furnace, we promptly remove your old furnace, install the new furnace, and get rid of the old one. Our installers are skilled, clean, and courteous. Before we declare the task complete, we ensure that your system is running properly and back our work up with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

All safety procedures are followed during our installation processes. Our technicians are skilled and adhere to proper social distance, cleanliness, and post-installation checks whether the installation is done outside or in the furnace room.


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When should I consider replacing my furnace?

The quality of maintenance a furnace receives has a significant impact on how long it lasts. A unit’s efficiency, however, decreases after 10 years of continuous usage. We have carried out consultations, maintenance, repairs, and installations for many commercial and residential properties in Calgary. To increase the efficiency and life span of a furnace, regular tune-ups, proper maintenance, and timely repair works are needed.


New furnace installation starting at $3500. We guarantee your new furnace system


We guarantee that the quoted estimate is what you will pay.

We guarantee that the system(s) we installed in your home qualify for the government rebate programs. Conditions apply.

We guarantee you will save a minimum of 20% on your natural gas usage.

We offer fair and affordable prices. Unless other companies, we do not overprice our services. Call us today and compare!

Our 12-years part warranty and 12-years labour warranty

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