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Air Condition Repair in Calgary

Residents of Calgary are all too accustomed with hot, sticky summers. A broken air conditioner is the last thing you and your family want. When you need air conditioner repair, Vero Mechanical HVAC understands how important it is to get it done quickly which is why we offer same-day repairs.

All repairs must be done professionally and correctly if you want your AC unit to last through the next season.  All our air conditioning services come with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Call the pros at Vero Mechanical HVAC instead of sweating it out with a broken air conditioner or attempting to find DIY repair videos on YouTube.

Signs that your air conditioner needs to be repaired include:

  • There’s no power to the air conditioner
  • The fan belt is worn out or you hear a squeaking sound from your ac unit
  • There’s refrigerant leak or you hear a hissing sound from your ac unit
  • No air circulation
  • Hot air blowing from your vents
  • Clogged condensate drain or signs of water damage

We are a trusted HVAC service provider in Calgary. Take a look at our testimonials! We resolve your heating and cooling issues once and for all.

Our AC repair services cover the complete range of your comfort demands, regardless of the make or model of your unit. We provide emergency services, timely repair options, and experienced technicians. We are committed to providing high-quality service at a cost-effective price.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Having an air conditioner preventive maintenance service performed every season will ensure that you are not surprised by unexpected repairs during a heat wave.

Signs Your Furnace Needs Repair:

Normally after cooling down the area to a required temperature on the thermostat, the compressor turns off. This is known as a cycle. But if the air conditioner is switching on and off frequently, there might be a problem with the system requiring immediate action.

Generally, the system does not cause too much noise. The air conditioner usually works smoothly with little or no voice. If you hear a strange sound coming from the air-conditioning unit, it is best if you get it checked immediately.

For example, the bagging sound can indicate a broken part on the system. In the same way, a squeaking sound occurs when the fan starts to malfunction. It is best to get the system checked in time so that problem does not escalate.

Water leakage is a common problem that the majority of people experience. You might observe water on the ceiling or see it dripping from the air conditioner. It generally happens if the drain line gets clogged. Ring the professional for fixing this issue

Before throwing out your AC unit thinking it’s broken, check the thermostat, make sure to turn it on, and set the temperature lower than the room temperature. If it still does not work, look for the signs of blockage in the condenser. If the issue is still there after cleaning the condenser, it means it is an electrical problem.

When your AC is not blowing cold air, it can be a sign that your refrigerant needs recharging. The refrigerant is a chemical inside the unit that helps to cool the air. The substance circulates itself and does not need recharging unless there is a leak, which can cause the chemical level to decline.

If one or our AC repairs fails during the first cooling season, we will repair again absolutely for FREE.

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