The difference between an 80% furnace and a 90%+ furnace is that the 90%+ has a secondary heat exchanger to transfer more heat into the home thus making it more efficient. The 90%+ furnace is also known as a condensing furnace. This means it produces a small amount of water as a result of having much lower flue gas temperatures. This condensation is carried away through a drain line on the furnace. If the furnace is installed properly and regular maintenance is performed then the answer is "False". The answer would be true if you could still purchase a 50-year-old furnace today.

Ask yourself these questions, "What am I not going to get?" "Why didn't they quote me that price, to begin with?" "Now who will they send out to install it?" Need we say more...

As long as you purchase a top-tier brand, the differences between those brands are small. Our favorite brands are AirEase and Rheem: energy efficient, top-rated and high-quality HVAC systems that we are proud to offer our customers. We believe the decision when purchasing a new HVAC system is the installation company you select. Top HVAC manufacturers like Carrier and York are very selective about which local companies they allow to install their products. This is because they want to ensure your system works properly and lasts so that their brand reputation remains solid.
Below are some aspects to consider: -Long-term investment: A HVAC system should last around 20 years when properly maintained. Choose a quality HVAC unit and hire a trusted company to ensure your system meets your expectations. We install AirEase and Rheem because we know they last.
-What to Look for in a new Furnace/ AC/ hot water tank
  • Energy Efficiency – EnergyStar rating is important when purchasing an HVAC unit. Your HVAC system makes up around half of your monthly energy costs. Choose a unit that will reduce your monthly expenses.
  • Noise Level – Research the noise level of each brand. While this may be an easy item to overlook when shopping for a new air conditioning unit, it’ll matter once it’s installed.
  • Programmable Thermostat – Top brands will offer programmable thermostats. These are key to energy savings and maintaining a consistent temperature in your home. Smart thermostats can be monitored from your smartphone.
  • HVAC Professional Recommendation – Ask your local HVAC professional which brand they recommend and listen to their advice.
How to Make It Last
  • Hire a Quality Installer – Top HVAC brands only works with proven installation companies. Choose a quality HVAC company to install your new AC unit.
  • Keep it Clean – A clean system works more efficiently and lasts longer. If your unit is kept clean it doesn’t have to work as hard to cool your home. Change your air filter at least every three months for the best results.
  • Seal and Insulate Ducts – Work with a company that understands the importance of properly sealing and insulating the duct system. This will prevent air leaks and reduce energy costs.
  • Seasonal Maintenance – Schedule seasonal maintenance for your HVAC system. The seasonal maintenance includes an inspection of your system to identify any needed repairs, inspect duct seals and change the air filter.
-Choose a Quality HVAC Installation Company We believe the HVAC installation company you choose matters. Work with a company that has a proven track record. Always read online reviews and ask for references. Also, confirm the company’s license and certifications. At Vero Mechanical we are confident in our references and reviews. We believe in offering top-quality customer service.

Your home's heating and cooling systems put forth a lot of effort to serve your needs. If the necessary care and maintenance are put off, the continuous use can swiftly and unexpectedly wear it down. However, you can extend the lifespan of your heating and cooling system and guard against several unforeseen problems by carrying out preventative maintenance or maintaining your system on a regular basis. Preventive maintenance inspections performed with Vero Mechanical HVAC on a regular basis can uncover leaks, rust, rot, soot, frayed wires and corroded electrical contacts.

We advise homeowners to arrange a professional tune-up for their home's central heating and cooling system at least once a year. The duct work, pipes, dampers, valves, chimney, registers, radiators, pumps, blowers, fuel lines, gas metre, oil tank, and every component of the actual boiler and furnace should all be inspected. Inspections of heat pumps and air conditioners should also evaluate the fan, compressor, indoor and outdoor coils, and refrigerant lines.

Even though air filters have undergone substantial development in the last ten years, a tiny quantity of dust still manages to bypass heating and cooling filters and enter your home's ducts. As this dust builds up all throughout your house, it provides the ideal conditions for the development of mould, mites, and dangerous pathogens. To check your ducts for dust buildup, pull off several supply and return registers and see how much dust has accumulated in the system. If you choose to clean your system, your best option is to contact a professional duct cleaner. Although duct cleaning has little impact on real air quality, it will eliminate a breeding ground for dangerous germs and mould across the entire house and improve the performance of your heating and cooling system. Cleaning the ducts should be taken into consideration while installing a new system. Since new systems are frequently more potent than older ones, they might stir up dust that has been collecting in the ductwork.

By covering the outdoor unit throughout the winter, undesired debris won't build up and eventually obstruct airflow to the outdoor unit. At the same time, unintentionally using the outdoor unit while it is covered up could harm the system. It is advised to always turn off the outdoor unit's high voltage power if a cover or other obstruction to airflow is added.

The quick response? So crucial! The quality of the air inside your home may be 100 times worse than that of the air outside. This implies that contaminants, allergies, dust, and mildew may be present in your house and damage the health and happiness of your family. Your home and family's health depend heavily on maintaining and improving your indoor air quality.

Before anything else, don't try to fix your noisy air conditioner yourself! You run a serious danger of hurting yourself and your air conditioner if you don't have expert understanding of HVAC electrical system design and the right metres to test every working part of your AC.

A new furnace may be necessary for a variety of reasons. How old is your furnace? If it’s over 10 – 15 years old, it’s likely time for a furnace replacement—simply because this will improve your energy efficiency. Other considerations include things like how efficiently it heats your house, how frequently it needs maintenance, how much it costs to heat your house, etc.

You can manage how much energy you use for heating and cooling your house by installing a programmable thermostat. A programmable thermostat can help you increase energy efficiency and reduce your electricity costs if used properly.

While a huge system will quickly cool or heat your home, you might not feel comfortable. You'll feel sticky and humid since the thermostat won't be satisfied before the cooling mode can effectively remove enough moisture from the air. Additional difficulties with moisture and mould may result from this. Furthermore, the strain of short-cycling, or making too many starts and stops, will reduce the lifespan of your equipment and raise your heating and cooling costs. On the other hand, a system that is too small simply cannot perform, particularly during severe weather. In the summer and winter, both the air conditioner and the heater will run nonstop. However, the size of the building is only one factor in determining the proper system size. The size of the system is determined by a variety of factors. including the style of the walls and roof of the home, the size and kind of the windows, the insulation, the state of the attic and basement, and the way the building is oriented. At Vero Mechanical , we do a full home evaluation before providing our clients with sustainable options. Contact us today.