4 Reasons Why House Ventilation Is Important For Winter

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woman ventilates house in wintertime

During the colder months of the year, house ventilation becomes a minimally important issue – homeowners are more concerned about the effects of snow and colder temperatures on the inhabitants of the house. However, a lack of ventilation can create some significant issues if ignored for too long.

Hence, the team at Vero Mechanical would like you to know 4 reasons why house ventilation is important, even in wintertime.

House Ventilation Eliminates Aerial Pollutants

Without proper house ventilation, the air is going to hold increasing amounts of pollutants and allergens. Dust, mould, pet dander and the like will slowly but surely saturate the atmosphere of a tightly sealed home. Breathing in these pollutants will lead to respiratory issues or worsen the condition of residents who already have respiratory issues.

Air quality control is necessary to reduce allergens and pollutants and protect those living in the house. As such ventilation is vital. This will improve the quality of the indoor air and reduce the risk associated with pollutants and allergens.

House Ventilation Reduces Moisturemoisture building up on the window during wintertime

The temptation to seal up a house to keep out snow and cold can also trap moisture inside the house. If the moisture lingers too long, it can affect the structural integrity of the house, particularly its wood framework. Additionally, trapped moisture can facilitate the growth of mould and mildew, which can have serious health implications.

Proper house ventilation allows the trapped moisture to escape. This reduces any risk to the house’s structural integrity and prevents the growth of pollutants like mould.

House Ventilation Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carbon monoxide is a gas without odour or colour that is created by heaters, boilers and other appliances that use fossil fuels. Without proper ventilation, the gas is trapped inside a house and can be inhaled by the residents. This can present as headaches and weakness before leading to more serious symptoms like loss of consciousness and even death.

With good ventilation in place, carbon monoxide is circulated out of the home. This leaves the residents safe from the effects of the gas.

House Ventilation Facilitates Energy Efficiency

Heating in the winter is very important to ensure that house residents are not subject to the effects of colder temperatures. However, without proper house ventilation, the heat generated by furnaces and HVAC systems can be trapped. The inability to spread heat evenly will lead to the overuse of heating appliances. If said appliances break down, finding a technician to perform furnace maintenance in short order will be difficult

As such, houses need good ventilation to enable better heat distribution among the various rooms. This will cut down on energy consumption and increase the longevity of your heating system.

How to Ventilate Your House in Winterperson cracks open window to let fresh air in during wintertime

Wintertime house ventilation is easier than you may think. First, check your AC unit or any other temperature control device at home, including ceiling fans, to see if they have a “winter” setting. Alternatively, you can simply run your kitchen and bathroom fans. 

Or, you could ventilate your house the old-fashioned way. Opening up your doors and windows, no matter how cold it may be, will flush out the heavy air and let in fresh air that can be heated up quickly. You don’t have to open the doors and windows all the way, just a crack is usually enough. 

Vero Mechanical Heating & Cooling – Doing It Right The First Time

If you want your home to be safe and comfortable during the winter season, you need to ensure that your house has proper ventilation. Protecting your home from snow and ice is crucial but good house ventilation also protects your house.

Please contact us if you have any needs with regard to heating and ventilation in your home. Vero Mechanical Heating and Cooling is family-owned and operated, providing vital service to our customers since our inception. We are dedicated to providing reliable service, earning your trust with every visit. If you need HVAC services or furnace maintenance, choose us for dependable and affordable service.

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